Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Large Tool Tube Mount

The large tool tube serves a useful purpose in filling the gap on the right side of the Stelvio. The stock muffler takes up space on the left side with a large void on the right that is easily filled with the large tool tube option. 

AF1 stocks this item (LINKY)

All of the parts in the above kit can be sourced short of the stainless laser cut mount- The tool tube can be purchased at The Tool Tube (LINKY)
Alternative tube: Twisted Throttle (LINKY)

The hardware can be had from McMaster Carr from the following list. It's a bit overkill for what it's doing, but I changed out all my hardware to stainless on my racks (including the latch hardware). Substitute as your budget dictates.
Qty below is to replace hardware on both racks with stainless (spools and latch)
(5) Spool flat head socket cap screw, cross bar - M6 x 1 x 40mm  #92125A248 
(3) Spool flat head socket cap screw, solo spools - M6 x 1 x 35mm #92125A246
(3) Spacer between mount and rack - M6 x 3mm thick x 13mm OD #92871A740
(4) Latch mount button head cap screw, not required - M6 x 1 x 25mm #92095A242
(3) Tube mount button head cap screw - M6 x 1 x 16mm #92095A238
(3) Tube mount flat washers - M6 x 18mm #91116A150
(15) Nylock nut for all M6 fasteners - M6 x 1 #93625A250

A delivery from the laser cutter, some measurements, and drill the tool tube holes. The rack mount holes were in the CAD file that went to the laser cutter. The production version (if there is demand) will have all holes pre-cut. 

Mounting the tube with some button head fasteners, washers, and nylock nuts.
 The remaining hardware replaces the black oxide bolts for the spools and (3) of the bolts get spacers to offset the bar that wraps around to the other side. This keeps the mount square to the rack.

 About a 15 minute installation...

 Plenty of room all round the tube.

Enough room for an air compressor, tire repair, phone chargers, or camping items. 

 Spools, spacers, nylocks, and now all stainless hardware.