Saturday, March 15, 2014

Replacement locks for top and side cases

The locks that come standard on the SWM cases (Guzzi standard equipment) are quite bad. These are single bit (single sided) type that have been upgraded to a newer double bit type. The locks are MUCH easier to open and now I have one key that operates the side and top cases.

Thanks to Peter Y for the tip on Wild Guzzi

Twisted Throttle (US importer of SWM equipment) sells an upgraded lock type for the Guzzi side cases. Part number ALK.00.165.16302 for the 6 lock set (including topcase). 

The photos on the web page show the older type, but the upgraded units are what I received. $26 +shipping includes 2 keys, new retention clips, and 6 locks:

Easy to install by prying the old clips off, inserting new lock, and re-inserting the clips.

Old keys/locks on the left, new double bit keys and locks on the right. Major improvement.

The update latch style is shown below and the updated locks should be able to be used as-is:

Owners of the older style latches shown below have mentioned that transferring the older dog-legged 'latch' from the original locks to the new was required for proper operation, but do function once performed:

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