Wednesday, August 5, 2015


The process of changing a tire is straightforward on the Stelvio due to the sidestand and single sided swingarm. Not too difficult, but the process is shown below.

I perform all of my work on a motorcycle lift table. This holds the front wheel steady, but prevents the use of the center stand. Using a small jack carefully on the suspension pivot allows the stand to be used while on the table. This job is rated as a one beer (cider) job.

I also tie the forks to help stabilize the bike on the table. Running a 1" pipe through the table base at floor level can also add some lateral support to prevent table flip-over if performing some more involved work.

Prior to removing the wheel, the caliper needs to come off first. These are (2) 13mm bolts to easily slide the caliper out of the way.

I check the brake pads for wear (15k miles here), remove the pads, clean the caliper, re-grease the floating pins.

Prior to reassembly, the caliper (minus pads) goes for an ultrasonic soak. This does a fantastic job of cleaning the entire caliper. Solvent temp is raised to ~100-120 deg F by a stainless fish tank heater prior to a 5-10 minute ultrasonic run.

Check the fluid level and look for any water contamination in the CARC oil as long as we are in here...

Buttoned up and ready for the front tire...


  1. Hi.
    What fluid/solution do you use in the cleaner tank?

    1. It's a diluted version of 'Purple Power' from Auto Zone.