Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Factory bag liners

The factory bags used to have an issue with leaking. The Trax EVO versions with a revised top gasket help prevent leakage. Instead of lugging the side case around, these liners help manage your gear.

Factory liners are shown here (and cost $200):

The alternate solution is to buy the 37L bag liners for the Trax bags from SW Mototech. SWM made the factory bags, so the other items sold will work with them. SWM includes these bags with the sale of the cases, so I had to order these special from Twisted Throttle. They took 6 weeks to get, but only cost $30 each ($60 total). Part number to order (you must call TT to get these on order as they are not on the web page):

Bag loaded with some gear. The bags hold the shape and will not require them to be stuffed into the cases. Major bonus.

The liners inside the bag. There is some space to allow storage of other gear. Velcro top with the standard dry bag clips to keep everything from unrolling:

There is 3-4 inches of space depending on how the bags are loaded. Enough for a pair of shoes or something else you don't want to funk up your clothes:

Another SWM item from Twisted Throttle that works with the factory luggage if hauling a dirty case is in your future:

My dog approves of this blog, as you can tell from her total lack of interest in something she cannot ride in/on:

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