Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wolfman Large Expedition tank bag

Tank bags for the NTX can be a bit of a chore due to the high gas filler and quick slope back to the seat. The Wolfman expedition series is great weatherproof gear. The tank bag is no exception.

The bag fits the lines of the bike quite well. Not overly wide, tall, or bulky. The 4 point connection system is excellent at keeping the bag from moving around.

The points I used to secure the bag were the front of the tank near the steering head. There is a space in the frame directly in front of the tank mounting bolt. Wrapping the straps per the instructions works great.

The rear requires removing the seat and wrapping the straps in front of the seat blocks. The seat hides the straps once in place. The straps front and back can be cut down about 6" on each of the four. The 'keeper' cross straps are not needed. The mounting system works fine without them (and they are loose all the time).

Bag opened up, inner cover left pulled back:

Inner cover in place, bag draw string pulled tight, and binder strap pulled tight:

Top cover lowered in place with snaps keeping it closed. The steering lock is shown below to avoid dealing with interference with wider tank bags:

Rider point of view...I'm 6' tall and can clearly see my GPS at all times. This is a perfect tank bag for me...doesn't require a rain cover and just works. Highly suggested.


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  2. I'm using Ram mounts for my Note4 cell/GPS and nexus 7 tablet I'd like to put in a tank bag and still be able to use the touch screen
    do you know if it works though the plastic

  3. Kudos for this great site. I say that because I recently bought a '14 Stelvio and I am looking for a tank bag. Your pics really help me see how the Wolfman fits. And other upgrades as time and money permit. Let me know if you ever ride to the Northeast, we have some great biking roads.