Sunday, April 7, 2013

GPS Installation

Time to install the Garmin Zumo 550 GPS. 
Location of the factory GPS connector is first....

Located here behind the left side cover, just above the ECU. The connector is shown here with a 90 degree rubber boot hanging over the ECU and partially blocking the oil cooler.

Factory schematics found at identify the connector as a solid blue (ground) and solid green (switched battery +) wire. That is identified below:
The factory connector was removed and replaced with a Deutsch brand 2 wire connector to the Garmin harness for Zumo cradles. Deutsch brand are very high quality connectors that I happen to have with crimper and pins.

Mounting the Garmin to keep it from blocking the view of the speedo as well as being easy to reach was solved with Enduro-Engineering's cross bar. This could be had for about $35 at TouratechUSA's site...

The factory cradle is set in another Touratech product brought over from a recently sold bike and mounted to the cross bar. XM antenna and ipod remote mounts were fabricated and installed as well...

Mounted on bike:


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    1. More posts are in the works! Oil changes, valve adjust, TPS reset, etc...