Sunday, April 7, 2013

Powerlet electrical sockets

The Stelvio comes with ciggy type electrical sockets. I have, long ago, switched to the Powerlet style. Sometimes called 'BMW' style, but that is the last time I will mention that in a Guzzi blog.

The rear power socket is easy. Remove wire connector, use a 8mm wrench to pull out the mounting bracket. Three washers have to be fabricated to allow the smaller powerlet to fit in the larger ciggy socket hole. All three have the inner hole the same size as the powerlet socket. Two have the outer diameter large enough to cover the ciggy hole. The last washer goes INSIDE the ciggy hole to prevent the powerlet from moving around.

The stack goes powerlet*, rubber grommet*, larger washer, small washer, bracket, large washer, metal washer*, brass nut*.  (* = supplied with powerlet). Factory wire connectors plug directly into Powerlet, so no modifications need to be done.
Items can be seen below used in rear mount.
Installed with wired acc plugged in:
The front is a bit more tricky. Remove windshield, side wind deflectors, and dash. The dash requires the speedo cable to be removed. Not difficult, but be careful with the connector. Push connector button, rotate black lever, remove connector. You will need to reset the clock when done.

Two washers will need to be fabricated here as well. Smaller third 'centering' washer not needed. I chose an aluminum washer powder coated flat black for my outer unit shown below.

The inner washer has to be a very specific size. Small enough to fit in the recess provided, but large enough not to fall through the hole. Trial and not a lot of error is required.

Back together and ready for some use:


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  2. Kirb, do you have dimensions for the needed washers?

    1. Sorry, I made them to fit. I could take them apart this winter for measure, but I don't have current plans to do so.