Sunday, April 7, 2013

Heated Grips Installation

One of the cool things about the NTX is that is comes complete with heated grips in the electronics, wiring, etc...except for the actual grips. I was able to have the kit thrown in at bike purchase, but they can be secured from a site like AF1 racing for part number 983155.

Finding the connectors was not too bad. Remove the left side cover and look for two small white connectors with a green wire and blue(w/ black stripe) wire. Follow the large wire harness back feeling for unused connectors.

These were located on the left side tucked into the harness above the head by the frame down tube as shown below. The other white connector left of the two we are looking for is the factory connector for the fog lamps.

Grip kit: 

The grip kit contains everything you need for install...except a 1/8" drill bit and long enough wire for the throttle side. You will also not need the aluminum bar ends supplied as your bike already has them.
I chose to route the throttle side wiring behind the headlights which left the wiring about 20" short. I spliced in the wiring (solder and heat shrink) to get to where I needed to go. 

The left side grip has it's own plastic tube with set screws ans shown below:
These are self-tapping screws that need to thread into the handlebar after a 1/8" hole is drilled to both sides. The plastic tube helps insulate the heated grip from the handlebar which makes for a great heat sink on other bikes.

Left side is easy- mark, drill, screw, connect wire.
Right side requires maxing out the cable adjusters, removing the throttle switch assembly, put in new twist grip, reassemble- make sure you watch for the holding nipple and hole in bar. These are to keep the switch housing from rotating. Put everything back and connect wiring. Readjust both throttle cables correctly. 

Grips only work when the bike is running, so start up the bike to test. Other brand of grips get warmer than these, but they do an adequate job. 


  1. Kirb,
    Thanks for all the good instruction. I have a 2009 Stelvio 1200 with aftermarket heated grips. Disconnected throttle cable at the engine to make it easier to put the pins back in place in the switch. Still am about 5/8th inch short of being able to replace the other end of cable pin at the engine end. Cable adjustments are all the way out. What is the secret here? Thanks for any advice.

  2. To install the factory grips, I backed out the adjusters at the grip all the way to get as much slack as possible. I didn't have to remove them from the throttle body side. Reverse the removal process and it was 'plug and play' for the most part.

  3. Hey Kirb,
    Got my factory grips, zero instructions WTF. Have not pulled anything apart yet to investigate. Do both sides need drilling, how many holes and how did you locate to mark them. I know you did yours a while ago but looks like it's the same kit.