Saturday, April 6, 2013

Luggage rack, bag, and bobbins

The Stelvio has a fairly useful and useless rear rack depending on how you look at it. It is slightly small, in it's stock form, to carry much. I have created a rear luggage rack to improve the carry capacity (see a later blog).

The stock rack is fine for a Wolfman 'peak' tail bag. This bag is perfect for hauling small items, phones, etc. I can even use the under-seat power plug to charge the phone in the tail bag while underway.

First step is to add more bobbins. I placed an order with AF1 racing (fantastic web parts site for Guzzi) which also has a full parts number manual for each modern Guzzi. 

The part numbers needed:
(2) 8121890 Aprillia rear stand spools (bobbins)
(2) GU98250635 Screw, tapered head

Parts, as ordered:

 Bobbins installed in spare holes on the underside of factory rack with tail bag rear strap in place (front next).

Tail bag installed on bike. Perfect shape and fit:

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