Sunday, April 7, 2013

Horn upgrade

The stock Stelvio horn is hard to hear while on the bike...and impossible to hear if you are in a car trying to run over said bike.

The horn was identified as being hard-wired to the horn button while the key was turned on. This allowed for a larger horn without being worried about current draw through some 'black box' electronic device and no relay was required. 

The factory horn is located below the oil cooler, wires come from the right side wire harness. The right side panel cover has less equipment mounted there (no ECU), so it was picked for horn location.

Dash removal (see Powerlet blog page) identified two other locations under the dash that could house the horn, but wiring may not be long enough.

Horn was purchased from Areostich HERE. No relay or wire harness is required. Wires from factory horn plug directly on the Fiamm horn.

The bracket that comes with the horn had to be bent 90 degrees near the bike end, bolted to the wire harness brackets...plenty of holes to do this. The horn fits perfect behind the right cover in the recess. Some existing cable ties may need to be cut and relocated for proper install.

Horn installed:

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